All you need to know about Eli Manning


Early days, college and professional career

Eli Manning’s full name is Elisha Nelson Manning. He was born in 3rd January , 1981 in Louisiana, New Orleans to parents Archie and Olivia Manning. He has two older brothers named Peyton and Cooper Manning and both of them were professional football players like their father. His father and brothers were former quarterbacks in NFL league.

The adolescence of Eli Manning biography reveals his date of birth as the 3rd of January in 1981, in New Orleans. He was the youngest of the three kids of Olivia and Archie Manning. Eli stepped into the world with a couple of brothers already there, namely Peyton and Cooper. As every man of his family Eli was intended to be a star footballer.

Eli Manning has been playing with the New York Giants for over 10 years now. He won the Super Bowl championship twice and is one of the only five players to have won it more than once. Eli Manning has won several awards and trophies like the Maxwell award and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arms awards. He holds the highest record for making the maximum number of touchdown passes and yard passes which are 229 and 35,345 passes in number respectively.

Eli Manning wiki includes his early life, college life, his professional life and his personal life. All his achievements and activities are mentioned in details. Eli Manning is one of the most valuable players in the team and he is also one of the highest paid players. His annual salary is 26.5 million US dollars. Eli Manning’s worth increased after he led the team to win the Super Bowl. He was awarded the Most Valuable Player when the team won against New England Patriots. Four years later, New York Giants won against the New England Patriots yet again. 

Personal Life

Eli Manning is dedicated to his family. He got married to his college sweetheart Abby McGrew. Their story started way back during his years in the University of Mississippi. They got married in the year 2008 after Manning proposed to McGrew in 2007. She gave birth to a baby daughter in 2011 and they named her Ava Francis. Two years later, their second daughter Lucy Thomas was born and their third daughter Caroline Olivia was born in 2015. He refused to play the Super Bowl before his daughter was born so that he could be with his family. 

Eli Manning is the spokesperson of Toyota, Reebok and Citizen Watch Co. He is into many endorsement deals and he earns nearly 7 million dollars from the endorsements. Eli Manning has also been in several commercials, shows and talk shows. His annual income is 26.5 million dollars. He is a highly valuable player in his team which is why his pay is the highest.


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